Pediatric Pathogens Plus Profile

The Pediatric Plus Profile (PPP) is a multiplexed nucleic acid test that is designed to provide not only a qualitative identification of various organisms and toxins often see in pediatric patients with GI issues and illnesses, but also a quantitative value that may be useful in following the identified infection over time. Furthermore, DRG is the only laboratory on the market that performs quantitative assessment of a patient’s susceptibility pattern to commonly prescribed antibiotics, so to better guide the judicious and appropriate use of antimicrobials.

DRG also performs quantitation of several GI health markers to provide the health care practitioner valuable information in confidently identifying issues such as gluten sensitivity, inflammation associated with conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, and helps track the activity and severity of these crucial and often misunderstood diseases. It is important to note that the markers for H. pylori are not identified in this assay, as this infection is often mis-categorized in younger patients. As with our larger panel, any positives for bacteria or toxins will result in the inclusion of antibiotic resistance information.

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