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H. pylori Eradication – Stool

Attention International Customers

All orders outside of the United States do not include a return shipping label.
Return shipment is the responsibility of the PATIENT


Specimens received without proof of acceptable payment (e.g., insurance information, proof of cash payment) will not be run until full payment is secured, and will be maintained in our Missing Pertinent Information (MPI) storage. If the information is not received by 8 calendar days from receipt, the specimen will be disposed of. Only one initial form of payment will be accepted for each individual specimen. We kindly request that all specimens be submitted with payment information finalized prior to submitting the specimen, or the above conditions apply. If the patient has paid cash for their bill then the account is deemed settled and it is closed. DRG will be happy to provide a statement or bill for any patient who wishes to settle their account with the laboratory; kindly ask our helpful customer service team for this information.

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